15 Minute Manifestation Review Unbelievable Truths Exposed + 50% Discount

Howdy Mate!

15 Minutes Manifestation Program has been a buzzing topic since it’s release. It has developed a high level of curiosity among the people.

Everyone wants to know more about this program.

Through this post, I am going to unveil my 15 minutes manifestation review.

Are you ready to shine like the whole world is yours?

Everything lies within you; it’s just your negativity pulling you down. All you need to do is tune in and let the negativity fade.

Sounds interesting?


Yeah! That’s the reason why I went on to buy 15 minutes manifestation program.


Read this review. I have a small surprise hidden in it.😌🙂


What is 15 Minutes Manifestation Program?


15 Minutes Manifestation (40 mins. video- if that’s too long time, you can checkout the transcript there itself.) is a brain development program.


It rewires the working patterns of your brain. And it aims at reprogramming your brain so that you can manifest the dreams of your life.

In other words, it crafts your brain in such a way that only peace and success can reside in!


The timespan of this program is 3 weeks. Every week you are supposed to listen to 15 minutes audio of each track respectively. Later, we will also know the working process of this program.


What’s included in 15 Minutes Manifestation Program?


15 Minutes Manifestation Program consists of three audio tracks.

They are as follows:-

  1. Track 1 – Your natural state (Week 1)
  2. Track 2 – Your new story (Week 2)
  3. Track 3 – Moving towards abundance. (Week 3)


Track 1 


This track aims at dissolving the self-limiting, negative beliefs from your mind. It rewires your brain to open up your mind towards abundance.

It is made up of the sound of flowing water, birds, low bell sound and some animal voices.

It’s the fundamental section of the program. It starts opening up your mind.


My Experience:- It has helped me to calm down and think positively. Even after two months of enrollment, I just put in when I am tense or sad.


Track 2

This track aims at creating a better version of yours. It consists of sounds like ocean waves, bubbles of water etc.

It tries to create a new story of positivity and success in your mind. The old one being the story of ‘self-limiting’ and scarcity.


My Experience :-  ‘Your New Story’ charged me up with energy. I started working positively. It led me to a focused and constructive approach towards my life.

By now, I started noticing changes in my life and thinking patterns.


Track 3


Out of these three tracks, thus one is my personal favourite. It includes some musical voices of bells, tones etc.

This track will fully open up your mind. And it will drive you towards abundance from scarcity.

You will start experiencing prosperity financially and psychologically.


All your dogma and societal beliefs are going to end. (Make sure to wear blacks. We are attending funerals, aren’t we? 😁)



A few more bonuses come attached to it.

  1. Jumpstart guide:- A small guide which explains how to use the audios. (Manual)
  2. Free Manifestation Wizardy E-book :- This ebook walks you through the creators mindset. It motivated you to succeed. (It’s a small 25 pages ebook). It explains you the law of attraction in     simple words.
  3. Deep Sleep Now Track  :- Made up of Delta brainwave technology, this track takes you to a sound sleep. I bet! It would be the most comfortable sleep you ever witnessed.
  4. And free lifetime updates

How does 15 minutes manifestation work ?


I know that your question is does it really work?

Definitely it does.

I will tell you how it exactly works.

15 Minutes Manifestation is hard on theta brainwave technology. Theta waves are associated with relaxation, deep meditation, super-learning and creativity.

It takes you instantly to theta mode. In theta mode, our subconscious brain is less resistive. Thus new thinking patterns are quickly implanted.

Consciously, it is impossible to shift to theta mode. It usually occurs when we are sleeping; without our recognition.


It has been brought to reality with the help of professional neurol-linguists.


Other benefits of theta mode:

  • According to mindvalley, spending time in theta mode improves your imagination, creativity, physical relaxation and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Stress, anxiety and mental blocks disappear.
  • Better memorization and self-confidence
  • It enhances your imagination. Thus, your brainstorming sessions yield more credibility. Huffpost also supports these claims.


Apart from this, certain musical tones have been used throughout the program. They maximize our progress.

Musical tones have the ability to influence our brain. They are able to make particular parts of our brain active.

Have you ever noticed musical tones making you feel energetic or nostalgic? (Let me know in the comments)


In a nutshell…


Our brain is like clay. Our routine life frames the connection patterns of our neurons. (i.e our brains gets shaped)

It’s possible to create new connection patterns which would be beneficial for our progress. It’s called ‘neuroplasticity.’

Theta mode helps us to make those neurological changes.


My Experience


After enrolling for this program, I started noticing positive changes in my life. My productivity and creativity surged.

My income was also increasing drastically.

My stress and anxiety were nearly gone! My colleagues were experiencing changes in my attitude and thinking.

One of them asked me, “Hey dude, you seem so active these days.”

And all I had were just smiles. 🥰

I will say that this program has improved my life.


How much time and efforts should you input?


  1. You are supposed to invest 15 minutes of your time everyday for a few months.

(It’s a 21 days program. But for maximum results you must keep it going for a few months.)

I did it for 3 months and even today I tune in when required.

  1. No efforts at all. Just sit back, relax and let the reprogramming sink in!
  2. All you need is a pair of earphones or headphones. (Just make sure to disconnect your WiFi/ Turn on DND mode)


Is 15 Minutes Manifestation Program worth buying?


Let me explain it to you…..

All in all, this program increases your positivity and performance. It makes you a Creator of your own destiny. It increases your skills and renders you a strong mindset.

Plus you get a deep sleep now which can be used as an alternative for drugs.


Surprisingly, it comes with a 1 year money back guarantee. 


Didn’t experience the results?


Just return it back and get your 100% refund.

(That’s the reason why I bought it.) 😉


I urge you to try this before it’s stopped. This program has limited seats and must be claimed ASAP. As it is a secret program the creator wants only the first action takers to get it.

If all this did can lead you to your life of dreams and happiness, isn’t it worth trying?

Buy Now from here to get it just for 47$

Simplified Pros and Cons



  • It’s risk free. (ClickBank marketplace ensures your safety.)
  • You get bonuses and lifetime updates+access.
  • It makes you an open-minded and a genius person.
  • Law of attraction (if you believe in it) can help you to attract more money and good health.
  • Boost in creativity, imagination and also success.
  • Makes you dream oriented.



Only positive aspects and the review is biased,isn’t it?


  • You would get results only if you tune in for at least 21 days.

(21 days is minimum. I recommend you listen to the whole program thrice.) Plus, it’s not an overnight millionaire scheme. If you are thinking so, it’s not for you.

  • It always starts with an ACTION.

You are genius, creative and imaginative. But nothing is going to happen unless you execute.

  • The creator ‘Eddie Sergey’ isn’t know to anyone. He likes to stay mysterious. Even then the program is quite valuable.


Pro tip:-  Consistency is the key to success. Keep listening to the tracks 2-3 times.

You would surely experience results!


A life towards abundance

Abundance in all things is yours!

Just step in and take actions.

Let 15 Minutes Manifestation move you towards abundances easily.


Let your scarcity be drowned…

Let your stress die!

Let your anxiety run away.

Let your era begin!


It just takes 15 minutes to success.

Remember about the surprise?

You are going to get a 50% direct discount and 1 year money back guarantee from the below link. (EXCLUSIVE)

Still confused?



Tune in.

You can buy this program from this button below.



Through this 15 Minutes Manifestation review, I have tried to eliminate the secrecy surrounding this program.


Thinking from a buyer’s perspective, I highly recommend you to opt for it. As it is a self-development program you will get 10000 times in return.


Believe me it’s worth it!


Hope I have covered all the points in this 15 minutes manifestation review. If you have any questions or need more information comment below.


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